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Notification Guard Android app lets you mask messages so that secrets chats remain secret

Notifications are designed to inform the user of important messages, but they can often reveal too much when being seen by prying eyes. A new Android app by Leomaster, Notification Guard, is designed to fix this problem while still informing the user that an important message awaits.

Notification Guard does two things: it hides notifications from both apps and texts, and blocks messages from public view. The app works specifically with your text messages as well as Facebook and WhatsApp messages. There is a normal masking mode designed to show only the app icon and number of notifications available for the specific app.

Notification Guard can mask an app notification as a text message, by making appear a given app’s notification as a text message; users can also mask their app notifications as Facebook messages and block messages by keyword(s), such as the name of a lover, from view. A message box works to store all notifications and messages in one place.

Notification Guard is designed to prevent passers-by from gathering info about messages with one glance. The app will prove useful for those who want to maintain some sort of privacy in a world where so much is publicized.

Notification Guard can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store.

→ Download Notification Guard app by Leomaster