Leaked Nokia Plans for 2017 and 2018 mention Smartphones, Patents, VR, VR and VR

A presentation slide revealing the supposed plans Nokia have for year 2017 and 2018 is leaked today on the web. The pic also lists out what Nokia thought about 2016, and we can agree that’s what they tried to do, having successfully launched OZO VR.

Anyway, we’re more interested in Nokia of 2017. When they plan to foray into smartphones again. No doubt this will be all-Android attempt this time around, and we’ve already seen rumors of Nokia D1C and stuff.

Apart from that, they look to take VR pretty seriously as they not only look to lead the line, but expand their leadership (do they already have that, to expand on?). Moreover, patents have a role to play too, in mobile, automotive and electronics, along with digital health business.

Come 2018, it’s said to see nothing mentioned about smartphones, but we assume that depends on the success 2017 devices get, and the enthusiasm Nokia fans show. However, Nokia clearly is going big on VR as they look to start licencing VR stuff, while also wanting to see full-throttle growth in healthcare, and patent licencing. Nokia is ready to exploration of new business ideas too.

What are your thoughts on Nokia? Does no mention of any plans for smartphones upset you, and make you think Nokia is not treating smartphones very seriously, even now?

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