Nexus 7 sales may have reached 1 million already

According to an analyst, Google may have sold 800,000 – 1 million Nexus 7 tablets in the third quarter of 2012, and that may have been responsible for the “other” revenue of $666 million that Google reported, up from $385 million a year ago.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said:

We believe Google’s Other Income of $666 (compared to Street at $477) suggests that Google likely sold 800k-1m Nexus 7s in Q3. Excluding our estimated Nexus 7 impact, core net revenues would have been up 2.5% q/q vs. 4.7%.

That number does sound small considering how the Nexus 7 carries such a low price tag, powerful specs, and also has been well received by everyone, but we have to keep in mind that Google and ASUS has had problems meeting the demands for the Nexus 7, mainly due to the fact that ASUS doesn’t have a supply chain big enough to make enough Nexus 7 to go around.

But, since this is just an analysis based on earnings, the real numbers of Nexus 7 sales could be much different when they are disclosed by Google, and we’ll be waiting eagerly for Google to do that. That upcoming 32GB Nexus 7 is also sure to improve Nexus 7 sales, specially if it includes mobile data connectivity, but that is something that shall be counted in the next quarter.

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  1. Mah non credo proprio.. secondo me un milione li può aver venduti tramite i circuiti google ossia il playstore.. ne ho già visti tanti in giro anche in Italia che é uscito da poco alla fine…
    Io stesso scrivo da un nexus 7..
    Inoltre basta andare sul playstore e vedere quante app sono già commentate da possessori di nexus7.. un botto.. e parliamo solo dell’Italia… penso che google prenda solo una percentuale e altro sia un insieme di cose…

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