New T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 Update activates LTE on the device

T-Mobile recently launched its LTE service in Las Vegas and Kansas City to give its customers a taste of ultra fast internet speeds, and now the carrier is pushing out an update to the Galaxy Note 2 that enables the LTE radios inside the device.

For those unaware, the Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile (and every other carrier in the US) comes with an integrated LTE modem, but given T-Mobile didn’t have an LTE network till a few weeks back, it was merely sitting idle all this time. But with this update – which also brings “various device improvements” along with the aforementioned LTE compatibility, anyone living in the vicinity of T-Mobile’s LTE coverage will be able access higher internet speeds on their Galaxy Note 2.

According to reports, users are getting up to 55-60 megabits down and 18-20 megabits upload speeds right now, though those speeds are expected to decrease once connectivity is expanded to more and more customers over the coming months. T-Mobile expects to reach over 100 to 200 million people with its new high speed network till mid- and late 2013, meaning we also can expect a few LTE-enabled smartphones to be launched by the carrier going forward.

The update has already begun rolling out since yesterday and should be making its way to most users in the coming days both over the air and via Samsung’s Kies PC Suite software. Of course, unless you live Las Vegas or Kansas City, it’s not going to do much good, but hey, nothing wrong with being prepared for the future.

Hit the source link for more info on the update, and also expect a manual update guide from us in the next few hours.

Via: Phandroid | Source: T-Mobile