New Sony Xperia Phones for 2013 rumored, codenamed as Dogo, Odin and Yuga

Sony seems to be gearing up big time for its 2013 portfolio of smartphones. Earlier today, we wrote about what could be Sony’s flagship smartphone of 2013- codenamed Odin. A Japanese blog has reported some additional leaked information which suggests at least two more devices slated for a 2013 release.

In addition to the C650x codenamed Odin, two new Xperia devices codenamed ‘Dogo’ and ‘Yuga’ have been reported by the blog. We already know that the device codenamed Odin bears the model number C650x, and is likely to be released along with at least 2 regional/carrier variants. We also know that Odin will run Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

While there are no other details available currently, rumor has it that Yuga is similar in technical specifications to Odin, and could possibly be a variant for a different carrier. It is unclear at this point, whether Yuga is a codename for one of the 2 Odin variants reported earlier.

It is also said that Sony would be unveiling both Odin, and Yuga at the MWC or Mobile World Congress 2013 which is to be held between 25th – 28th Feb 2012 at Barcelona . The MWC is the biggest and most heavily covered events in the Mobile communications world, making it the ideal launching pad for manufacturers to showcase their flagship devices.

Dogo, on the other hand, is expected to be unveiled at the International CES 2013 or Consumer Electronics Show which will be hosted at Las Vegas, Nevada between Jan 8th-11th 2013. CES, like MWC is another widely covered event, chosen as a launch pad by top electronics and technology firms for their upcoming products.

Rumour or fact aside, Sony seems to have all its bases covered for the next year. With Google introducing changes in its Nexus certification program, we may very well see Sony rising to the occasion and creating some waves. What do you think?