Google Play Store v8.2.36 starts rolling out, download the APK file here

The Google Play Store is receiving yet another update with version 8.2.36. And like all previous Play Store releases, this update too (unfortunately) doesn’t bring any new visible changes. However, this doesn’t mean that Google hasn’t cooked new stuff with the latest update. The changes lie inside the app’s code, and are probably aimed at providing stability fixes.

Other than this, Google also released a server-side update to Play Store earlier today which brought UI changes to the app. Apparently, with the new Play Store UI, there are now two top bars on the app’s home screen where the first bar houses main Google Play categories such as Games, Movies, Music, Books and Newsstand, and the second bar provides links to subcategories such as Top charts, App categories, Editors’ Choice, Early access and Family.

Google also released Play Store version 8.2.32 a few days ago, which was a significant jump from its previous 8.1.73 version. But we didn’t see any visual changes with the previous update either. Anyway, the 8.2.36 update which just began rolling out looks to be a bug fix update at best.

As always, the new Play Store update will be rolling out in stages and might take weeks to come to your Android devices. But if you wish to have it now, you can always sideload the APK file of the newest Play Store version onto your device from the download link below.

Download Google Play Store APK


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