New Digital Wellbeing update integrates Family Link’s parental controls

Google’s Family Link and Digital Wellbeing are virtually two peas in a pod, so, it makes sense from the company’s perspective to integrate the two features.

While the company is yet to go the total distance, Digital Wellbeing’s latest update confirms that Google is surely thinking about it.

The software update — version 1.0.257813777 — is now live on Google Play. Upon installing, you’ll be able to access Google’s Family Link features more conveniently within the Digital Wellbeing app in the Settings menu.

Since launching Digital Wellbeing and Family Link, Google has strived continuously to expand their features. With constant updates through online forums, the company has made the apps as perfect as possible. And now, the next step seems to be total integration.

After updating to version 1.0.257813777, you’ll see a Digital Wellbeing and Parent Controls menu, instead of only seeing a Digital Wellbeing option. Upon entering and scrolling down, you’ll find Parent Controls, through which you can add restrictions, monitor app usage, and more.

Images Via: XDA Developers

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