New ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM) v5.0.2.7 for Epic 4G

Samsung Epic 4G, the qwerty slider Galaxy S phone launched with Sprint in US, has new ClockWorkMod recovery v5.0.2.7 available for download and installation. It’s been more than one year since the old recovery v2.5.1.0 debuted on Epic 4G, so it’s about time the eager Epic 4G users got a new ClockWorkMod recovery. This latest recovery is v5.0.2.7, which is not the latest v5.5 but it still packs in many new features and is good upgrade from any viewpoint.

The new CWM recovery v5.0.2.7, is developed by DRockstar, who burned his midnight oil to get more feature-packed recovery to Epic 4G users.

Installation of CWM v5.0.2.7 is easy, with both Odin format and CWM format files available.


Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won�t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Installing using Odin software

Download the Odin-flashable .tar.md5 file of recovery from here. Then, switch off your phone and boot it into bootloader mode. Now, open Odin, click on PDA tab and select the recovery file you downloaded on your PC. Leave Re-Partition checkbox clear, while Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes selected. Hit start button to start flashing of new recovery.

Installing using CWM Recovery

If you’ve got a ClockWorkMod recovery installed on your phone, any working version, simply download the .zip file (CWM version of recovery) from here and transfer it to your phone. Boot phone in recovery mode and install the .zip file using “Install from sdcard” option. Once flashing is done, go back and select ‘reboot system now’ to restart phone.

ROM Manager fix, if needed

Download ROM Manager android app and use this to boot into recovery directly. If you get trouble in rebooting to recovery from ROM manager, flash this Gingerbread Kernel from recovery and then ROM Manager should work properly.


DO NOT repartition your sdcard using this recovery because it’s not compatible with that function right now, until updated.

How to use the New ClockWorkMod Recovery for Epic 4G

  • To scroll UP in recovery, use Volume Up key (or Keypad Up or Keypad Left)
  • To scroll DOWN in recovery, use Volume Down key (or Keypad Down or Keypad Right)
  • To go back (to previous screen) in recovery, use back (touch capacitive) key (or power or keypad back key)
  • To select an option in recovery, use home (touch capacitive) key (or keypad enter key or camera key)
  • To toggle display in recovery, use d key on keypad
  • To scroll up in recovery use Volume Up (or Keypad Up or Keypad Left)
  • To reboot from recovery, press power key 5 times from anywhere in recovery


Changes since
* Backups are tar files by default, with the filesystem type noted in the filename. Backups automatically reformat to the backup filesystem before restore. This will work to restore rfs and ext4 setups. So, for example, if you’re currently on rfs, but your backup was done while on the ext4 filesystem, the restore will reformat back to ext4 before restoring. Older backups done by cwm 3.x and ACS Recovery can be restored by this ClockworkMod version, and will not reformat before restoring older backups.


* This cwm is not meant for mtd partition layout / yaffs2 filesystem, that is another matter entirely, and mtd will require it’s own cwm build and kernel, that will most likely be in the official CM repo when it’s done.

Share you thoughts in comments below. And do donate the developer if you can, find the donate link here.

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  1. This doesn’t work at all. No matter how many times I’ve tried it, I still get the stock android recovery?

  2. This doesn’t work at all. No matter how many times I’ve tried it, I still get the stock android recovery?

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