NachoRoot — Root the Asus Transformer Prime even with newest firmware–Also works on the original Transformer

The ASUS Transformer Prime, is currently, the most awaited and sought after Android Tablet out there today. With Ice Cream Sandwich already hitting it on Jan 12th, it just makes it hotter and more sought after.
Furore about the discovery that the Prime has a locked bootloader, and Asus’s subsequent announcement that they would be developing an unlocking tool that will be released in the future ( but unlocking would void the warranty) has done little to decrease the popularity and demand for this beauty.
And the latest development—The Transformer Prime has already been rooted!!!! This just takes the demand to a whole new dimension. Presenting NachoRoot, a root tool for the Transformer Prime, which also roots the original Transformer, courtesy of XDA developer jcase and the AndIRC team. What makes this tool even better that it will achieve root no matter which firmware version the Transformer is running

We must tell you though, that, using this method is not for the faint hearted, or those who flinch at the mention of “adb” and “command-line”, but if you follow all the steps carefully, and closely, you should end up with a liberated Prime at the end!!

Before you get down to actually doing this, you do need to get ADB (Android Debug Bridge) set up on your pc. In case you need assistance with doing that, here’s a nice little tutorial to help you out

You would need to download the following files:

SU or Superuser

Disclaimer: You can still back out now!! The methods and steps mentioned here are considered risky; carelessness may result in a bricked device and a really, really upset device owner. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to you or your device. You have been forewarned.

Rooting Steps

  1. Enable USB debugging from Settings > Applications > Development
  2. Connect your Transformer Prime with your PC
  3. Open up a command prompt, navigate to the ADB directory on your PC and type in the following commands, exactly as listed below, in the same order as below
    • adb push nachoroot.bin /data/local/
    • adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/nachoroot.bin
    • adb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –stage1
    • adb reboot
  4. Wait for the device to boot. Once it has booted, use the following commands
    • adb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –stage2
    • adb reboot
  5. Once again, wait for the device to boot, then type
    • adb shell id

    If the result isn’t 0, start over by going to Step 5. Follow the steps below ONLY AFTER the shell id shows 0.

  6. Now enter the following commands
    • adb remount
    • adb push su /system/xbin/su
    • adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su
    • adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbi/su
    • adb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –undo
    • adb reboot
  7. Your Prime should now boot normally. Wait for it to reboot completely.
  8. To complete the entire process, go the Android Market on your Prime, and install the superuser app. Market link here

If you have followed the above steps carefully, you should now have a fully rooted Transformer Prime or Original Transformer in your hands.

For more details, and to follow the development of NachoRoot, you can head over to the development thread here for the Transformer Prime
and here for the Original Transformer

So if you already have this beast in your hands, and want to liberate it from the shackles of stock confinement, go ahead and try some NachoRoot; its guaranteed to taste delicious, and let us know how it went for you, in comments below


  1. Think you have a type-o in step 5 (telling people to go to step 5).

  2. Think you have a type-o in step 5 (telling people to go to step 5).

  3. Think you have a type-o in step 5 (telling people to go to step 5).

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