Motorola’s Moto Maker to be available “worldwide” very soon

Motorola Mobility — which made quite a comeback in the field with its Moto E, G and X series of phones — has finally announced another piece of news which had held all of us in a state of nervous anticipation since quite a while. That’s right folks, we are talking about the Lenovo owned company’s “Moto Maker” which — even though released only in the United States, a couple of places in Latin America and Western Europe until now — has acquired something of a cult following. And why shouldn’t it? Even assuming it not to be the final word in customization, it certainly comes very close, providing far more control over what pops out of the box once you buy a new Motorola device than any other manufacturer.

A spokeswoman from the company recently confirmed the fact to CNET during an interview stating that the service will be available by the end of the month, worldwide. This is one piece of news that is certainly worth celebrating because “Moto Maker” takes the word customizable to a whole new level as far as smartphones are concerned. For example, you can decide which apps/wallpapers are boarding your device when it ships, what is the color that graces it and even the material that goes into its making and so on.


As an added bonus, we also know that the service will most certainly expand to  include Motorola’s smartwatch — Moto 360. Sounds intriguing! However, those who were hoping for an e-ink variant of the watch are in for some disappointment as the same spokeswoman also confirmed that the company had no such plans. The reason being that e-ink displays lack a certain richness that the company feels to be a necessity for its new generation smartwatches.

Via: Reddit