Motorola’s foldable phone, which could resemble the RAZR phone, arrives this summer

Moto Razr

The past one week has given us a clear view of where the smartphone industry is gonna be like in the coming decade. Besides 5G network, foldable phones are now a thing.

First was the Samsung Galaxy Fold and then the Huawei Mate X. A day or so later, Oppo made its foldable phone plans known and the latest to join the party is Motorola, which has now revealed that it is readying a foldable phone with a possible release this summer.

Speaking to Engadget, Motorola’s VP of Global Product, Dan Dery, confirmed that flexible and foldable smartphone products are in the works, noting that the Lenovo-owned company is keeping up with the race and not lagging behind others, namely Samsung and Huawei.

We had seen previous reports suggesting that the said Motorola foldable phone will revive the RAZR branding and even borrow some design cues, but Dery was careful not to spill the beans during his interview with Engadget.

Still, he said that Motorola doesn’t intend to have a Mate X-like foldable phone with an outward display due to scratches and such stuff. The company is also exploring the possibilities of using a dual-hinge design, which he claims that two very famous unnamed companies are already using for their foldable phones.

Note that Motorola hasn’t specifically said that its foldable phone will be ready this summer, but considering that the company doesn’t want to be left behind by Samsung and Huawei (who have ready foldable phones that will begin selling this Q2 2019), a summer release seems plausible.

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