Moto Z2 shows up on GeekBench with SD 835, 4GB RAM and Android 7.1.1

Previous rumors and leaks weren’t able to shed much light on the upcoming Moto Z2, even though we got to know all about the Moto Z2 Play fairly easily. But that changes today with the Motorola flagship turning up at Geekbench, to reveal some of its specs.

The listing over at Geekbench that appeared today sort of confirms that the Z2 would sport minimum of 4GB RAM, and more importantly, the Snapdragon 835 processor, which is cool.

Design wise though, we don’t expect the Moto Z2 to change much as shown from images which leaked out last week. On the back is the most noticeable change, where Motorola has added a dual camera. Like other OEMs, Motorola will be trying its hand in this segment that has turned into a craze for photography enthusiasts.

Other than that, we may get to see more third-party mods from the OEM this time. The display on the Moto Z2 may most probably remain at 1440p and if Motorola were to maintain the same sized battery, then you probably need the battery Mod more than last year. And yes, the device will run on Android 7.1.1 Nougat for sure.

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2017 is a very interesting in year to be honest, with Samsung coming out with the Galaxy S8 and LG with its G6, where both devices brought much needed innovation to the table. But what will we see from Motorola this time? A big refresh of the same old Moto Z or can we dare to hope that there’s something secret in the making, to rival the competition?

Via: Roland Quandt | Source: Geekbench

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