Moto Z 2017 image leaked

Moto Z 2017 image leaked

Last year, Lenovo-owned Motorola scrapped the mainstream Moto X series of smartphones and introduced a set of unconventional smartphones under the Moto Z series. The emphasis of the new Moto Z series lied on its sleek design and of course, the ability to offer a new functionality every time a user snaps a Moto Mod on the back. Cut to one year, and it seems like the company’s priorities haven’t changed at all. An alleged render of what could be the next-gen Moto Z surfaced online revealing a design similar to its predecessor albeit a couple of changes.

The first change you’ll notice as soon as you look at the device is the fingerprint scanner. It is now more rectangular-ish with rounded corners unlike the square fingerprint sensor on its previous model. The recently unveiled Moto G5 series of smartphones also have a similar fingerprint setup at the front. So, it is likely that the company will stick to the same design language for the Moto Z series as well.

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Another change that caught our attention on our first glimpse at the render is the inclusion of a dual-tone LED flash at the front. There was a front-facing flash module earlier but wasn’t dual-tone before.

The volume rocker key along with the power button still sit on the right-hand side of the handset, no change there.

There’s no information regarding the hardware aspects of the device yet. But now that rumors have already started flowing in, it’s only a matter of time until we get to know more about the device.

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