Moto X+1 Will Have motomaker Available, Texas Plant Closure Notwithstanding!

Well well, Motorola Moto X+1 will indeed feature the motomaker feature that we all have come to love. After the report broke out that Motorola would be closing its Texas based plant, where customization work as per options chosen by users using motomaker was done, many feared whether motomaker would get the same treatment, too. Was this the end of motomaker, too?

Well, no. It has been confirmed officially to mitigate whatsoever doubts there were, that motomaker will continue. So, it’s reasonable to expect motomaker to be available for Motorola devices in line, the first one being the oft-rumored Moto X+1.

We’ve heard about the Moto X+1 quite a lot already, and only saw a purported image get leak of it, so, we believe that the Moto X+1 will definitely allows its users to customize the looks of the device using motomaker online tool.

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Motomaker was launched by the company with Moto X, to allows buyers to customize the device already, with options to choose the Moto X’s color, storage, material to be used at the back, auto sign-in, custom boot message, etc. stuff.

Here’s a video of motomaker for those who somehow didn’t know one bit about it. It’s the coolest feature of year 2013, to me at least!


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