MIUI 9 lock screen UI teased by Xiaomi as update release draws close


Xiaomi has recently confirmed that the next MIUI update, i.e., the MIUI 9 will be arriving on or before August 16. In fact, it had also started teasing it. Remember the WhatsApp conversation-like image posted by the company on Twitter a couple of days ago?

The company has now given us a sneak peek of the upcoming MIUI 9’s lock screen. As you can see from the image above, the default lock screen now looks pretty different in comparison to the MIUI 8’s lock screen (which had shortcuts for Mi Home and Camera on the left and right sides respectively).

Users can now access Mi Home, Mi Remote, Mi Pay, Transport Card, and Torch (at the bottom) straight from the lock screen by swiping right on any of them.Additionally, the background can also be customized depending on your preferences.

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Xiaomi is yet to reveal the details surrounding MIUI 9 update officially. But, based on what they have revealed so far, expect it to be well optimized to provide a better and smoother overall experience.

Meanwhile, you can guess when the company will officially release the MIUI 9 update and win a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 if your guess falls in-line with the original launch date.

Source: Xiaomi  

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