Will Micromax Canvas Express 2 get the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update

Because of its low cost and sort of decent specs, the Canvas Express 2 has become quickly popular between budget users. And that’s even when company launched Express 2 with age-old OS in KitKat 4.4.

With Marshmallow update becoming the talk of the town, or the whole web, we thought about shedding some light on the prospect of Canvas Express 2 receiving the Marshmallow update.

It’s fair to say Micromax is pretty poor when it comes software updates, and the same goes for its Android 6.0 plans.

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We saw in the above linked post that only handful of devices out of gazillion of Micromax sets stand a chance to receive Marshmallow update. And Canvas Express 2 is not one of them, sadly.

Launched with Android 4.4, it’s hard to imagine Canvas Express 2 getting its own Android 6.0 update. If anything, the best Canvas Express 2 could be seen grabbing is an Android 5.0 update — and that too if it gets lucky, after all, the whole reason behind launching the device with Android 4.4 was to keep memory usage down, as Lollipop is pretty demanding in the area, let alone even higher requirements in Marshmallow.

All in all, Canvas Express 2 stands no chance to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, no matter how uncool you find it. With its 1GB of RAM and Octa-core processor, the device isn’t very well equipped either. Even though minimum RAM requirements was raised to 1GB and stays at 1GB for Marshmallow, which Express 2 has, a device is better suited to Marshmallow only if it’s got 1.5 or 2GB of RAM at the least.

There’s another budget device that is costlier than Express 2, but is in line to get the Marshmallow update, and it’s Huawei Honor 4X. At least one budget segment device OEM is aware of the importance of Marshmallow updates. Huawei is one OEM form which Micromax could definitely learn a thing or two about software updates, Android 6.0 or not.

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Do you own Canvas Express 2, then what are your thoughts on Marshmallow update for your device?

Because software updates many a times slow down even the best devices on the market, would you rather prefer buying a budget Marshmallow device later on than receive it as an OTA on your Express 2.

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