Meizu Pro 7 Europe release seems near

Meizu Pro 7

It seems like Meizu is prepping to bring its recently launched Meizu Pro 7 to European markets very soon.

We say this as Meizu France has started teasing the Pro 7 by sharing the above image. If that weren’t enough Meizu Spain had also shared a video showing off the smartphone which gives us enough reason to believe that the smartphone will hit these markets very soon.

Why would the company talk about the Pro 7 in these countries if otherwise, right?

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At this point, however, we don’t have a fixed launch date for the smartphone in European markets. It will probably take some time for the company to bring the handset to markets outside China. But, the fact that it will be made available outside the company’s home turf is a good news!

You can check out the entire spec list of the Meizu Pro 7 and Meizu Pro 7 Plus here.

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