Meizu MX Grabs the Title of 1st Quad-Core Android Smartphone

Meizu MX

While the giants of Smartphone World — NVidia & Snapdragon — are seeing their whitepapers leaking on Internet outing the quad-core and higher processors plans, China’s Meizu is, in fact, planning to launch their quad-core phone by end of this month. Yes, really! We had hoped that quad-core based tablets would be out by end of this year but Meizu’s move took everyone by surprise.

The Meizu MX (previously known as M9) 32Gb quad-core version is priced at approx $780 and will be out by end of this month. But if this is too much to you, there is also a 16Gb dual-core version of the device available for friendlier $625 price. We are still not clear about the chipset but there are a few rumors that it will use components from Samsung.

The specs for this device are still not clear — all we know is that it will have a 8-megapixel camera with CMOS, 1Gb RAM and a 4.3-inch qHD display. We also know that it is a 3G device with Wi-Fi support. But since it’s the first of its kind device the specs really don’t matter all we need to know is its “QUAD-CORE”.

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