LG V30 to pack F/1.6 aperture toting dual camera? Awesome!

LG V30 is already turning out to be a phone worth waiting for based on the current leaks and the latest rumor to join the mill takes things up by a notch.

A Chinese leakster going by the moniker Ice universe claims that the LG V30 will feature a f/1.6 dual camera lens on the back which definitely is good news for the photography enthusiasts.

LG has been quite impressive with the imaging department on its flagship phones in the past couple of years or so. And the LG V30 seems no different going by the current leak.

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LG is going to pull the wraps off its next flagship aka the V30 on August 31 and will begin accepting pre-orders starting September 17. You can learn more about the device here.

Source: Weibo

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