Verizon LG V11 (or V20) release is imminent as it crosses FCC borders

We just stumbled across docs related to a new LG device at FCC that goes by the ID ZNFVS835, with model no. mentioned as being LG-VS835. Since VS prefix is being used here, we believe it’s Verizon Wireless bounded LG set.

Now, rumors have been growing strong in the past few weeks that a successor to V10 (VS990) could be V11, not the V20 as originally thought. Going by this device’s model no. (VS835), we’re more inclined towards the possibility of V11 than V20.

verizon lg v11

As these are FCC docs that keep the most of the specs info and internal and external pics hidden from public, we can’t extract any more info than this.

But one thing is sure, a successor to V10 — one unique device in its own right, yes! — is coming soon. The V11 release shouldn’t take more than a month or two before we see Verizon’s shelves showcasing LG V11.

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