LG to make Google Pixel 3 in year 2018

As per a new report out of  Korea, LG could become the manufacturer of the Pixel 3 smartphones from Google. Since HTC won the contract for two years, the Pixel 2 devices will be manufactured by HTC.

The report states that Google is looking for a new partner so it can secure a future supply. And Google is teaming up with LG for that. Furthermore, some Pixel 2 devices could also be manufactured by LG in case supply runs short.

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Google also wants to make sure that it gets all the OLED screens from LG it wants. That’s another reason for the partnership, says the report. LG will be making a good profit out of this, even though the Pixel 3 phones won’t carry any LG branding.

In March this year, we told you that LG, TCL, and even Coolpad were competing to get the partnership with Google to make Pixel 3 devices. Now, it looks like LG has won and that’s a good thing. The new LG G6 is a very good looking phone, so you can expect the Pixel 3 devices to be great lookers as well.

via The Investor

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