LG Q4 plans: An Android Tablet and Froyo Update for LG Optimus Z

LG Tablet rumored for year end

Samsung is doing all stuff it can with its Galaxy S family of devices — including launching under different hood with different carriers in US and globally as Galaxy S — now, only a Galaxy tablet remains to be seen. Well, not to be left behind napping — Samsung’s fierce local rival and another Korean electronics giant, LG — has finally got something to say, at least in Android tablet.

Gossips around us tells of a year end scheduled Google OS powered tablet from LG, that’s going to spice up the tablet market. We hope it gets Froyo beauty at the very least, given the fact that Gingerbread is also coming around in Q4. Well let’s hope for that too on-board, but frankly it’s very unlikely. All they are gonna say is that update is in the works for Android version 3.0, Gingerbread, we think so.

No name, price tag, or spec sheet is rumored as of now, but experience tells us to expect some leaks in a couple of days/weeks. Shh…!

By the way, anyone remembers LG Optimus Z? Well, nothing so special but we heard that the Froyo topping is scheduled for existing Optimus Z in the Quarter 4 and plans have also been laid out to let the new devices (in the Q4) come pre-installed with Android’s Version 2.2. That’s very optimum, No?

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