LG G6 might launch in 8 variants; G6 Compact, G6 Lite, G6 Hybrid, G6 Prix, G6 Forte, G6 Fit, G6 Young and G6 Sense

The picture is getting clearer as the release date of LG G6 nears. Come February 26 and we might witness the launch of eight LG G6 smartphones. Yes, you read it right. LG is planning to launch eight variants of its next flagship G6. It has filed trademark applications for eight brand names – G6 Compact, G6 Lite, G6 Hybrid, G6 Prix, G6 Forte, G6 Fit, G6 Young and G6 Sense.

The complete list of of the LG G6 variants has been uploaded on The record includes LG G6 Compact at the top of the list, which we expect will have a smaller screen while LG G6 Lite, perhaps is a cheaper variant of the LG G6 with less computing power or a lesser camera.

LG G6 Forte may be a codename for an upcoming tough phone while the LG G6 Hybrid could refer to a combination of the G6 and G6 Lite Compact, or maybe even a semi modular unit.

The closest we can come to guess for LG G6 Fit is that it can be a fitness band or smartwatch from the LG family.

The other names — G6 Prix, G6 Young and G6 Sense — are indecipherable at the moment. But one thing is for sure, with these handsets LG is keen to capture and focus on different market segments.


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