LG G4 reportedly suffers from touch screen issues

lg g4

The LG G4 that was launched in April is one of the best smartphones that have been launched this year so far. Though it is one among the best, it does not indicate that the device is perfect without any flaws.

A recent report from XDA Developers claims that the touch screen of the LG G4 is plagued with bugs as the phone seems to dismiss faster taps and swipes. This is not to be ignored when it comes to the performance of the smartphone, especially a flagship device.

Despite being a day-to-day usage issue, it can also kill the hottest feature that the LG G4 comes loaded with. The talk is about the Knock On and Knock Code aspects.

lg g4

The folks at XDA Developers conducted a poll and as of now 40.21 percent of 194 respondents have reported that there is no issue with their touch screen display. This implies that 60 percent of the voters are facing this issue with their LG G4. Of these respondents, 27.32 percent reported that they are facing issues only when they do not use a screen protector.

You can check if your smartphone’s touch screen performance is fine by following the below steps.

  • Open the Dialer and key in 277634#*# and enter the Service Menu.
  • Tap on the option Device Test -> Service Menu -> Manual Test -> Touch Draw Test – Manual.
  • Now, touch, tap, slide and knock on the entire test area and watch the missing registration. Repeat the same several times.

Coming back to the LG G4 touch screen issues, we hope that it is a software glitch and that LG comes with a fix soon.

Source: XDA Developers

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