LG G Pad F2 update: Sprint releases new OTA with bug fixes

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March 13, 2019: Sprint is rolling out a new software update to the LG G Pad F2 8.0 tablet as version LK46010o. The changelog only talks about bug fixes, but we do know the update also includes system-wide optimizations for a device that has been around since mid-2017.

The airborne update was first released in mid-February 2019, but it’s only now that we are getting wind of it. If anything, your G Pad F2 8.0 should have already received the OTA download notification by now.

Software update timeline

Unveiled in mid-2017, the LG G Pad F2 is the name familiar to Sprint users. For those on T-Mobile, this same device is known as LG G Pad X2 8.0 Plus while in other markets it goes by the name LG G Pad IV 8.0. Well, we have a timeline for software updates related to both handsets on this page.

Sprint LG G Pad F2 (LK460)

Date Software & Android OS version Changelog
14 Feb 2019 LK46010o | Android 7.0 Bug fixes and performance optimizations
29 Jun 2018 LK46010k | Android 7.0 Google security Patch and GPS time MTK patch
26 Feb 2018 LK46010i | Android 7.0 Updated Android security patch

T-Mobile LG G Pad X2 8.0 Plus (V530)

Date Software & Android OS version Changelog
03 Aug 2017 V53010a | Android 7.0 Pre-installed


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