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Kiwi Browser for Android adds support for Chrome extensions

There are a good number of web browsers that are built on the basis of the Google Chromium project, among them Kiwi Browser for Android.

Launched about a year ago, Kiwi Browser relies on Google’s open source project to work its magic, but it takes things a notch higher by including some nifty little additions like a built-in ad blocker, a dark mode option, notification blocker, and even support for YouTube background playback, among other things.

In the latest update, Kiwi Browser is getting even better by picking up yet another feature that has remained elusive for users of Google Chrome for Android – the support for Chrome extensions.

Yes, going forward, the Kiwi Browser will let users install Google Chrome extensions, but for a start, you might want to stay off extensions that use x86 code.

There are several ways of adding extensions to your Kiwi web browser, but you must first enable extension support after installing Kiwi Browser on your Android device. To do this, open the browser and type chrome://extensions in the address bar and then enable developer mode.

When done, open the Chrome store in desktop mode and pick the extension that you want and install. For now, the developer says extensions like YouTube Dark Theme, Stylus, and Bypass Paywall, among others, should be working just fine.



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