Complete Guide for ‘Look Into the King of Bountiful Harvests’ in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield have been getting expansion packs regularly since the pandemic started. Nintendo released the Isle of Armor DLC pack back in July and the new Crown Tundra expansion pack has just been released for users. Just like the Isle of Armor, the Crown Tundra pack gives you ample opportunities to capture legendary and even ultra beast pokemon in the wild.

Completing the area in your game gives you access to Legendary pokemon clues which you can then access to chase after some new and interesting Pokemon in the game. The first legendary clue you get will be about the ‘King of bountiful harvests’, a mysterious legendary pokemon embedded in the Crown Tundra folklore. If you are having trouble solving this clue then we have the perfect walkthrough for you. Let’s get started.

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Go ahead and open the Legendary Clue 1 from your Pokemon Bag. You will see that it talks about a legendary Pokemon statue and even shows its picture.

Now make your way to Penoy’s house and interact with the wooden headpiece present on the dining table in the living room. This will begin a conversation with Penoy who thinks the wooden headpiece is a pillow.

After the conversation is complete, Penoy will give you the wooden headpiece. Take it out of his house and place it on the wooden statue outside.

It should look like a Pokemon riding a horse.

Once you do this, a cutscene will begin showing you the legendary pokemon Calyrex in the background. Go ahead and interact with the pokemon.

This will ensue a small battle that should end in your favor.

Once completed, you will see Penoy walking up from behind. This will begin another cutscene where you will get to know the entire story behind Calyrex’s legend.

Once the cutscene is complete, your Legendary clue 1 will be updated with the new information.

You will now need to ask around the village to restore the Calyrex’s strength. The more the people of Freezington remember him, the more powerful the king will grow.

Start by talking to the two old women near the field. They should be near the Carrot field where you will be able to trade Dynamite Ore for seeds.

The two women will not believe in Calyrex anymore but this should help you progress a bit further. Now head over to the mayor’s house on the hill on your right and talk to the mayor.

The mayor too will talk a bit about Calyrex before the conversation gets over.

Once the conversation is overhead over to the old man plowing the carrot fields. Now if you haven’t bought carrot seeds from the old man, you will need to buy them before you can talk about Calyrex with him.

Once you have bought the seeds, try talking to the old man again and you should now get more information about Calyrex.

Now you need to talk to the last person in the village. You will find the old man near the fields of the old woman’s house who is “busy doing nothing”.

You can locate the house easily in front of the shopkeeper that sells various items near the fields. The shopkeeper should be dressed in neon green and the shopkeeper should be facing the old woman’s house.

You will find the last person you are supposed to talk to on the right side of this house near the fields.

Once you have talked to the old man, you will get a disclaimer at the bottom of your screen saying “You’ve asked the people of Freezington about the King of Bountiful Harvests! Time to report back to Calyrex”. This is when you know this part of the quest is complete.

You can now go back and talk to Calyrex near Penoy’s house.

Calyrex will now explain his story a bit further. I will not get into spoilers as this will be a fun experience for you and help you get to know Calyrex’s character a bit more. Once you have talked to Calyrex he will depart from the location and you will be able to talk to Penoy again. You will now need to go and talk to the mayor of Freezington. Make your way to his house.

Once you reach the mayor’s location, a cutscene will begin where the two women near the fields will start talking to you.

They will give you a new location called ‘Giant’s bed’. Make your way to this location using the information you just received.

Tip: It is located in the southeast direction of the village near Frostpoint fields. Once you reach Frostpoint, you need to keep heading left to reach Giant’s bed.

Once you are nearing Giant’s bed, you will spot some ruins to your left. Make your way to these ruins and look for a few fields.

You will find the mayor hanging around these fields. Once you spot the mayor, make your way to him and initiate a conversation. This will begin a cutscene which will help you progress in the story further.

Unfortunately, the mayor will tell you that he can talk about Calyrex at his home so you will have to meet him back there. Head back to the mayor’s home in Freezington and start a conversation with him.

Once you talk to the mayor, you will have to browse the books available in his library. Read all the books available in the mayor’s library and then head out of his house.

A cutscene will now begin and Calyrex should appear again.

Make your way to Calyrex and talk to him again. The carrot seeds you obtained earlier will now come in handy. Calyrex will show you two fields where you can plant the carrot seeds.

But it is not time to make your way to one of the fields just yet. Once you exit Calyrex’s location, another cutscene should begin near the old lady’s house.

Once the cutscene is complete, you can make your way to one of the fields shown by Calyrex earlier.

Once you are in the field, plant your carrot seeds.

Note: Planting it in the ice fields will give you the ice version of the Pokemon and planting it in the grass fields will give you the grass version of the Pokemon.

When you plant the seeds a cutscene will begin where Calyrex will remind you that doing so will change the type of his steed, be it grass or ice type. Once the cutscene is complete, your character will plant the carrot seeds. Once planted, Calyrex will do his magic and make the seeds grow.

Now that the cutscene is complete, you can pull out the carrot you just grew in the field.

The carrot will now be in your possession and you will need one extra item to complete your quest now, the ‘Reigns of Unity’.

Calyrex will now tell you how to obtain the ‘Reigns of Unity’. Once the cutscene is complete, travel back to Freezington.

This will begin another short cutscene upon which you will have to battle Calyrex’s steed. Complete the battle like any other battle in the game by choosing the right type of Pokemon in your possession.

Once the battle is over, another cutscene will ensue upon which the mayor of Freezington will talk to you and give you more information about ‘Reigns of Unity’. You will also be awarded the steed’s mane hair which will come in handy to create the reigns.

When the cutscene is completed, make your way to Calyrex near Penoy’s house and talk to him. This will begin another cutscene.

Calyrex will now award you with the ‘Raident Petal’ which is the second item you need to craft the ‘Reigns of Unity’.

Once you have the petal, head back to the mayor’s house and talk to him. Let him know that you have the petal and the mane hair needed to craft the ‘Reigns of Unity’.

The cutscene after this will be filled with ups and downs but once it is complete, you will be awarded the ‘Reigns of Unity’.

Once you exit the mayor’s house, another cutscene will begin with Calyrex asking you about the Reigns of Unity. Reply positively and Calyrex will show you the final place you need to meet him to complete this quest.

Tip: You need to head over to the ‘Shrine of Unity’. If you are having trouble reaching the location, you should first head over to Giant’s Bed and make your way up from there. Once you are near the mountain, you should find a tunnel leading inside which will take you all the way to the top.

There will be a lot of items near the Shrine of Unity, so you might want to look around before you start with the quest.

Note: A final battle will ensue when you begin your quest at the Shrine of Unity. Hence I recommend that you heal all your Pokemon and make all the preparations before beginning the quest.

Once you are ready, head inside the building and you should see Calyrex standing in the middle of it along with Penoy. Make your way over to Calyrex and talk to him.

Now place the carrot in the basket shown by Calyrex once the cutscene is complete. This will ensue another cutscene.

Calyrex will now be able to ride his steed and all his power will be restored. Calyrex will now challenge you to a battle and give you an opportunity to capture him once the cutscene is complete.

Go and talk to Calyrex to start the battle.

Complete the battle with all your might to capture Calyrex.

Once Calyrex is captured another cutscene will ensue which should update your Legendary Clue 1.

When the clue is updated, head back to Penoy’s house in Freezington.

Go inside Penoy’s house, talk to him, and let him know that you have captured Calyrex. Doing so will complete your Legendary Clue 1 and the same will be confirmed by a green tick mark on the clue.

And that’s it! You will now have completed your ‘King of Bountiful Harvests’ in Pokemon Sword or Shield. Calyrex should now be in your possession and will be available for every battle that you take part in from here on.

We hope this guide helped you easily complete your Legendary Clue 1 regarding the King of Bountiful Harvests ie: Calyrex. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.

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