Isis Android App now available on Play Store for the handful of eligible people

There were rumors of the Isis Mobile Wallet trial for T-Mobile starting from October 22nd, and while T-Mobile hasn’t officially said anything, the launch of the Isis Mobile Wallet app on the Play Store, currently only for T-Mobile customers, confirms it anyway.

The Isis Mobile Wallet app will let users add details of their American Express, Chase or Capital One cards and pay via NFC at “Isis Ready™ SmartTap™ merchants” with a single tap on the payment terminal. Participating members will also be able to save loyalty cards obtained from different merchants, as well as offers and deals, to their Isis wallet

The Isis Mobile Wallet trial will require a special Isis SIM card, a Samsung Galaxy S3S2 or Relay 4G smartphone on T-Mobile, and will only go live in Austin and Salt Lake City, so others will unfortunately have to sit it out. But if you meet the criteria, go ahead and download the app from the Play Store and get ready for contactless payments to get underway.

Play Store Link

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