Is Food Network Moving to Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is here! Since January 4 Discovery network channels have become available on Discovery’s exclusive streaming platform. Aside from the new Magnolia Network, subscribers of the platform will get access to content from networks like HGTV, TLC, ID, Animal Planet, Food Network, and Discovery. All episodes of fan-favorite shows like 90 Days Fiance, Fixer Upper, Gold Rush, and many more are available to be binged on Discovery Plus.

It is not just older episodes that you can watch on the platform. Exclusive content like natural history documentaries from BBC will be aired on Discovery Plus. Even the United States premiere of the latest documentary of the Planet Earth series, A Perfect Planet, will be on the platform.

With so many new additions to the platform, you may be wondering if Discovery Plus will be the only place where you can watch your favorite Discovery networks. If you rely on the Food Network to satisfy your culinary curiosity then having it snatched from live television streaming services can be a big loss.

Is Food Network moving to Discovery Plus?

Let me put your mind at ease by saying that Discovery has not announced the shift of its networks from live television. You will keep getting the food network on your television if it is a part of your live television streaming package.

Some shows like Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines aired on Food Network before Discovery Plus was launched. However, since the launch of the platform all the episodes of the show is available on Discovery Plus. Those streaming the Food Network on their television have to wait for the next episode to air.

So, even though there does not seem to be an indicator that Food Network and other Discovery networks will be completely shifting to Discovery Plus, a large amount of content will be exclusive for the platform. We need to wait and watch if the does in the long run become unavailable on other platforms once live streaming begins on Discovery Plus.

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