Install Steam Recovery On Samsung Galaxy S

Steam Recovery Galaxy S

A new recovery for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (International) has been released by XDA member sztupy. The best thing about this new recovery, named “Steam”, is that it has TOUCH interface like any other android app you use on your phone. So no more pressing up/down keys in recovery. Enjoy!

QUOTED – Description from developer [link]

Features of Steam recovery:

It’s a fork of ClockworkMod recovery with a lot of new features, while remaining backward-compatible with the old settings and backups they made.

  • Almost everything CWM had (installs, extendedcommands, mount settings, nandroid)
  • More compatible with SGS (supports both sdcards, even for usb storage mode, efs backup support, etc.)
  • ext2, ext4, jfs and rfs autodetection support
  • Full (multi-)touch screen interface
  • On-line help system
  • Build-time localization (currently english and hungarian)
  • A primitive File Manager
  • An even more primitive console
  • Built-in e2fsprogs, jfsutils, cryptsetup, yaffs2 and device-mapper
  • Config options for Steam Kernel
  • Config options for BackLighNotification 2.2
  • Afterburner post-flash utility (read more here)
  • 32 bit display support

Although Steam Recovery’s potential is, when it’s used with a Steam Kernel, it can also be used on it’s own, mainly because it’s touch interface, and on-line log viewing app.

Main usage:
You can use it as you would normally use an Android app: tap and hold to scroll, tap to select, back button to go back. You can also use the usual volume up/down + home keys to go up/down and select the option. The power key is special however. Instead of selecting, it switches from menu mode to log viewing mode and vica versa.
This is useful for debugging purposes, as in log viewing mode you can see the last logs of dmesg, logcat and the standard out.

Note that we won’t be responsible if this method damages your phone or bricks it. You only will be responsible. So, apply this at your own risk!

To install Steam recovery on your Galaxy S (Global version only) just download the file given below :-

–> rename it to “” –> and put it into root of your sdcard (like “/sdcard/”)

–> now hold “Volume UP  +  Home Key  +  Power Button” to boot into recovery and then apply “


You‘ll need 2e recovery or CWM recovery for it load on your phone. And it’ll NOT work with 3e recovery.

It won’t replace your current recovery as it’s not coded into the kernel and thus is just an interface that loads when you apply the “” file. So you’ll have to apply every time you want to use Steam Recovery.

We wish All The Best to XDA Dev sztupy for future updates to Steam Recovery.

via XDA

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