Install Recovery on Arc. Works on Both Locked and Unlocked Arc

If you own an Xperia Arc ( as a matter of fact, any of the other Xperia variants released in 2011), but do not have a PC at home and mostly use PCs at internet cafe’s or a library,  or have a USB port which seems to be acting up, this could be one of the best apps that you could ever have on your rooted phone. XDA member pvyParts has just released an auto-installer for the ClockworkMod Recovery (based on nobodyAtall’s port of CWM v., which you can download for free, off the Android market. The best part is that it lets you use the recovery, even with a locked bootloader, so if you are hesitant to unlock your bootloader and run the risk of losing warranty, this is definitely for you 🙂

The application has been tested and known to work on the following phones:

  • Arc LT15
  • Arc s LT18
  • Xperia Mini and Mini Pro (not x10 mini/pro)
  • Active
  • Play
  • Neo

The Recovery module is specifically developed for Stock 2.3 firmware, and may not work with any other firmware. Further, the developer recommends that you do not use it unless you are on stock 2.3. Since it installs itself in /system, it is not true recovery technically, but will let you perform all of the functions that a true recovery mode can. Features of this recovery:

  • ADB root shell
  • Reboot system now
  • Apply update from sdcard
  • Wipe data / factory reset
  • Wipe cache partition
  • Install zip from sdcard
  • Backup and restore

As you can see above, it is capable of doing everything that the regular recovery can, plus since it is an app, you can install it far more easily, without having to connect your device to a PC.


Stock 2.3 ROM & Root access

How to Install

Just visit the market link below from your device browser.

CWM Installer

If you want to download the .apk to your PC, you can do so from here

For more information on this tool, to check periodic updates and share user experiences, you can visit the original development thread HERE.  If you found this useful, do let your friends know about it too; and feel free to share your experience with us in comments below.