Impressive Pics of Sony Ericsson Android phone with Walkman gets Leaked

Sony Ericsson Walkman Android Phone

Sony Ericsson is one company which is yet to taste success with Android. Its rivals HTC made fortunes with an army of android devices while Motorola has Droid as its striker who scored enough to unsettle even the HTC.

While Sony Ericsson did not disappoint with X10, it cannot be said that it was a hit the company desperately needed. But it looks like Sony Ericsson has found the success mantra and looks to focus on what it does best. Speaking of which it reminds us of its walkman series phones that we tuned to and danced to. Well, what about bringing it back with current trend of touch screen devices by custom tuning it with Google’s android? Nice!

The unofficial Sony Ericsson blog, who also brought us X8, revealed pics of new Sony Ericsson phone (named as Yendo) under Walkman series that will run on android (as rumored) to cheer up SE fans. The pics were actually meant to be used in the promo of the Yendo.

The Yendo looks twin to Sony Ericsson X10 mini which runs Android 1.6 and will be tuned to Walkman style to bring the first Walkman android phone from SE to existence. Well, even if it runs outdated Android 1.6, it’s not like ruining the party since the game favors the walkman stuff more than anything here.

It’s about a different phone with one-of-the-best multimedia functionality to bring new level of experience to users in the crowded market with phones powered by 1Ghz processor running Android 2.1. Yendo exists to make difference, it’s pretty clear.

The pics are really cool and we are pretty excited to see this device live. Hope all goes well for SE and it gets its share of success. Come on, Don’t be evil.

Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Android Walkman Phone - Back View

Walkman Android Phone Gallery

UPDATE: Sony Ericsson Yendo, a walkman phone is not an Android phone actually, despite earlier rumors, as confirmed by Sony here.

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