Images of Samsung Flip Phone 2017 SM-G9298 leak out via TENAA

Samsung Flip Phone

It seems like Samsung is pretty firm on bringing back the good old flip phones to the market once again. Earlier this month, word had it that Samsung will soon launch the W207 flip phone in Korea which was limited only to the Chinese market previously. And now, there seems to be another flip phone getting ready to see the light of day soon.

In case you are wondering, we are talking about the Samsung Flip Phone 2017 with the model number SM-G9298 here. The smartphone has recently paid a visit to the FCC, Wi-Fi Alliance, and now it stopped by TENAA which essentially means that — you guessed it — the smartphone is not far away from its official launch.

Samsung Flip Phone

Although the TENAA listing doesn’t reveal any details regarding the internals of the handset, it sure gives us a look at the Flip Phone’s exterior.

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Interestingly, the design language here, in comparison to the previous rumors is a bit different. For instance, previously, there were physical navigational buttons on the frontal part of the display. Whereas, the latest image of the Flip Phone shows no signs of physical navigation buttons on the front.

Samsung Flip Phone

Also, unlike earlier, most of the front is covered by display now, which is definitely a good thing. Further, the flip phone seems to be made of plastic in the latest images while the previous rumors suggested the presence of a metal frame.

There are few other differences such as the shape of the hinge and the placement of power button and USB port.

Currently, there’s no word on the internals as well as when the smartphone will be launched. Keep a tab on this space for more updates.

Source: TENAA 

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