Ice Cream Sandwich Theme for Go Launcher Ex Looks Good Enough

In the realm of Custom Launchers for Android devices, Go Launcher Ex is perhaps one of the most popular and most widely used launchers. It offers a host of customization options, which are not possible with the stock launchers, as well as the ability to apply hundreds of themes, paid as well as free, which can be easily downloaded from the Android Market.

XDA member ramzixp has just released an ICS inspired theme for Go Launcher Ex. It is available for download from the Android market. While the theme does’nt have a lot of true ICS icons, the developer is open to including them in in updates that follow this version. You can visit the original development thread for the ICS theme here.

In its current state, it does look pretty neat, and easy on the eye. Definitely worth a shot!! Especially for folks who are currently using devices which do not have ICS custom ROMs available, this is a nice alternative to still get that Ice Cream Sandwich look on your Android phone.

Installation Guide

  1. Install Go Launcher Ex from the Android Market,  use this link.
  2. Install the ICS Theme for Go Launcher Ex from the market, use this link
  3. On your Home Screen, click Menu–>Themes–>And select the ICS Theme you downloaded in Step 2
  4. On the next screen, Click Apply Theme.
  5. That’s it!! You should now be sporting the Ice Cream Sandwich Theme on your phone!!

So go ahead and give it a whirl, and watch your friends go wide-eyed when they see your transformed device. If you want to share your experience with us, do give us a hoot in comments below.

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