HTC U11 S-Off now available via SunShine

If you own a HTC U11 and want total control over the system files, you’d happy to know that S-Off is now available for the device through SunShine. Props for this goes to beaups, the lead developer behind the SunShine project.

With S-Off, HTC U11 users will be able to modify protected partitions such as radios, custom hboots, etc. Users can even switch the phone’s identity to a different variant of HTC U11 with S-Off.

Because bringing S-Off requires a great amount of effort, folks over at SunShine charge a nominal fee of $25 for a single license that can be used on a single device. The price is same for all HTC devices.

To S-Off your HTC U11, all you gotta do is download the latest SunShine 3.5.7 APK (link below), install it on your HTC U11, open it and go along with the on-screen instructions to achieve S-Off.

Download SunShine APK

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    1. Unworth it!. Without sunshine it’s possible!

  1. Worth it.

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