HTC One M9 receiving yet another OTA update (1.32.617.30), system enhancements and bug fixes in tow

Not too long ago HTC pushed out an OTA update to One M9, addressing serious issues like overheating. That update came in pretty huge, but that isn’t stopping HTC from releasing yet another update within 2 weeks, which is coming as large as the previous update at a size 284 MB.

The new HTC One M9 OTA update that began rolling earlier today carries the software number 1.32.617.30, and according to the official changelog, the update brings system enhancements and bug fixes for the One M9.

We don’t have a detailed changelog of this yet. But that size of 284 MB for an OTA should be changing a lot of things at the code level, if not anything visual.

It’s surprising that it has only been a week and a few days since the launch of HTC One M9 and the company has already pushed out two large OTA updates with combined size of 601 MB. That’s a lot of change. Really, how bad was the One M9 software at launch?

via XDA
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