How to unhide posts on Reddit and what happens when you do it?


Reddit, as the website so proudly claims, is “the front page of the internet.” Doesn’t matter how obscure the content is, one Redditor or the other usually discovers it and shares it across the Reddit pages. The content found on Reddit is generally of good quality, but you could come across a topic or two that may not sit well at the time of viewing. For those unwanted occasions, Reddit gives you the option of hiding posts, making sure you don’t come across it in the future.

However, given how fickle the human mind is, it’s not unnatural to look for the same post that you had hidden in the past. To triumph those frustrating moments, knowing the method of unhiding is just as important. And today, that’s exactly what we’re focusing on. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

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How to unhide posts on Reddit?

Unhiding a post on Reddit is a pretty straightforward process. We’ll teach you how to unhide a post both on PC and mobile.

On Mobile

Reddit has received some major updates over the last couple of years, which has often made it a little difficult for people to access the most important options.

To unhide, first, go to your profile.

Now, tap on ‘History.’

Then, hit the drop-down menu, and select ‘Hidden.’

When the post pops up, tap on the three-bot button at the top-right corner of the post, and hit ‘Unhide post.’


As you’d expect, unhiding a post from PC is a lot different than mobile. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any more complicated.

To unhide a post on Reddit from your PC, first, log in to your Reddit account and click on ‘My Profile.’

Now, head over to the ‘Hidden’ tab. Once you locate the post you’d hidden, click on ‘Unhide’ right below the post.

What happens when you hide a post?

If you find a taste distasteful or something else, hiding a post would make it disappear from the website or app, for you. It is to be noted that when you hide a post, it’s only hidden from you, and not from other users. If you believe that the post violates community standards or anything of that sort, be sure to report it to Reddit.

What happens when you unhide a post?

As mentioned, hiding a post makes it disappear from the website. So, unhiding it would bring it back. You would start to see the post in relevant areas once again like any other post.

Is the post owner notified when you unhide their post?

When you hide a post on Reddit, it disappears from your Reddit feed. This action, however, doesn’t require intervention from the post owner and is taken care of from your side only. So, the post owner won’t be notified irrespective of whether you hide or unhide their post.


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