How to Turn Off or Remove “Shared With You” in Safari on iOS 15

iOS 15 has a few useful features, but ‘Shared With You’ may not be one of them. Although integration between apps tends to be a welcome feature for users, many iOS 15 users are not convinced when it comes to ‘Shared With You’. Why is this feature so annoying and how can you turn it off? Here’s everything you need to know.  

What is ‘Shared With You’ in iOS 15?

Shared With You is, at heart, an iMessage feature. When it is turned on (as it is by default), links, photos, and videos that others share with you will appear in their respective apps for you to revisit under the ‘Shared With You’ section.

For instance, if someone shared a link with you, it will naturally open in Safari. But if you need to go back to the link again, rather than opening iMessage and scrolling through the chat, you can simply open the Safari app and check out the link shared with you.

However, many users don’t like the ‘Shared With You’ section crowding up their Safari space. 

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Disable or Remove ‘Shared With You’ in Safari iOS 15

There are a couple of ways to disable or remove the ‘Shared With You’ feature for Safari. To do so from within the Safari app itself, follow the steps below:

Open the Safari app.

Then scroll down and tap on Edit.

Here, toggle OFF ‘Shared with You’.

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Disable ‘Shared With You’ in iMessage

You can also disable the ‘Shared With You’ feature from iMessage itself. Here’s how to go about it:

Open the Settings app.

Then tap on Messages.

Scroll down and tap on ‘Shared with You’.

Now toggle Off ‘Safari’.

If you want to disable the ‘Shared With You’ feature completely, for all apps, then toggle off the Automatic Sharing option at the top.

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Remove a contact from ‘Shared With You’ in iMessage

If there is a particular contact whose links and photos you don’t want appearing in the ‘Shared With You’ section in their respective apps, disabling ‘Shared With You’ can seem like overkill. Instead, you can simply remove all content shared by a contact from appearing in the ‘Shared with You’ section. Here’s how to do so:

Open iMessage.

Then long-press on a contact card.

Tap Hide in Shared with You.

And that’s it! Content shared by this contact won’t appear in Shared with You, be it in Safari or any other app that supports the Shared with You feature.

Is ‘Shared with You’ an annoyance for you too? Or do you find it a convenient little feature? Let us know below. 


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