How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Well, that’s as insane as it can get. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is yet to hit streets — June 8 is official release date — but it already got rooted. Now part of the credit goes to Google, not because of creating Android, but because the company distributed some 5000-6000 limited edition Tabs at its annual developer conference yesterday. BTW, given the sort of meeting it was, full od devs and bloggers, it was pretty guessable too that this thing gonna spill the superuser access sooner than any later. And here it is, credit to Mr. birdman and his so-motivated team (mentioned below), we’ve an ADB procedure to root our galaxy tabs as and when we get one – it’s ironic the root is available alomost a month before the consumer meant device hits stores — but guess what, we just love this, right?

Team that rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1:

@_MRBIRDMAN_ ( i made a zip wooop wooop!)

@DROD2169 (he had the super idea lol)

@b16a2smith (he was just in the room…. lol)

@rainabba (same as b16…lol)

Here’s what you need and how to root the the Galaxy Tab 10.1:

  1. Setup ADB using this guide.
  2. Download this file — Download Link.
  3. Transfer the downloaded file to phone’s SD card. Copy and paste it to root of your SD Card. Remove the USB cable then.
  4. Switch ON the USB Debugging mode. Go to Settings – Applications – Development and then tick the USB debugging checkbox.
  5. Connect phone to PC.
  6. On PC, go to this folder: C drive – Program Files – Android – Android-SDK – Tools. (The idea is to get to the ‘tools’ folder of your android sdk installation. If you installed the android-sdk at any other location than C:Program Files, do accordingly).
  7. Now, in the tools folder, hold shift_key and right click on empty space to get a pop-up. Select ”Open command window here” to open the cmd with the right address already there.
  8. In the cmd window, type “adb reboot recovery” (without quotes) and hit enter.
  9. Your Galaxy tab will reboot into recovery mode.
  10. Now, Install the zip file you copied in step 3.
  11. That’s it. Reboot the Tab.

Well, that was easy, right?


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  1. What do you get out of rooting it?

  2. What do you get out of rooting it?

  3. What do you get out of rooting it?

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