How to Root AT&T Galaxy S6 edge after updating to OE2 firmware (G925AUCU1AOE2)

AT&T only recently pushed out an OTA update to its Galaxy S6 and S6 edge variants. The update didn’t come with a changelog but it was pretty hefty at around 200 MB in size.

Anyway, it was only a matter of time since people started discovering what changes the update brought. First thing, it improved the accuracy on Fingerprint scanner and some users even reported better RAM management on the phone after update. But in all that goodness, unfortunately, the OE2 update also patched the PingPong Root exploit that came out only last week.

PingPong Root is probably the only hope for AT&T folks using the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. The exploit worked on the early builds of the devices but with the OE2 firmware update, it seems to have been patched. But still, there’s hope that PingPong will gain compatibility for the OE2 update as developer DesignGears has stated that he has already patched and rooted the OE2 update on his own device and have provided the Keen Team, developers behind PingPong Root, with his patched kernel so that they can enable support for it.

So if you’re on the OE2 update, and can wait for root then wait until Keen Team makes an announcement. But if you must have root access right now, then downgrading to the previous OCE firmware is still an active option since OE2 update didn’t come with an updated bootloader, making it possible to downgrade to the previous firmware.

To downgrade to OCE firmware, follow the step-by-step guide over here. And then root your AT&T S6 edge with the PingPong Root tool.

Or if you do not wish to completely downgrade to OCE firmware, you can also just flash the OCE kernel on your S6 edge running on OE2 firmware and then try the PingPong Root tool. Chances are good that this will work, but we can’t say for sure.

You can download the latest PingPong Root tool from here. And if you need help using it, check out our guide on rooting Verizon Galaxy S6 with PingPong Root.

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