How to Reorder Tabs on Chrome With Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the most popular browsers of all time, Google Chrome never fails to amaze its users with its convenient and well-thought features. With version 102, Chrome lets you reorder the tabs using your keyboard. If you are like us, you will know how handy that is. Let’s see how to get this new feature and then how to use it.

How to enable tab reordering using keyboard shortcuts on Chrome

You need to update your Chrome to version 102 (or higher) if you have not done so already. Here’s how to install the latest update available for your Chrome.

Open the Chrome browser on your system. Click the three-dot button in the top right corner.

Click Help to open a context menu.

Click About Google Chrome.

If your Chrome is outdated, it will automatically scan and download the latest update. You need Chrome 102 (or above) for this feature.

To install the update, you will need to close Chrome and open it again. Do that and then you are good to move to the next step below as you have Chrome 102 installed now.

How to reorder tabs in Chrome using keyboard shortcuts (Guide and tips)

Keyboard shortcuts for Chrome are not just convenient in comparison to the laborious drag and drop processes, but can also be fun to use. Currently, Chrome has two keyboard shortcuts for tab reordering on Chrome.

To move the tab to the right use Ctrl + Shift + Page Up keys combo while to move the tab to the left, use Ctrl + Shift + Page Down combo.

Here is how it works.

That’s all.


Do I need to enable an option in Chrome in order to reorder tabs with the keyboard?

No, you don’t need to enable any option in Chrome in order to reorder tabs with the keyboard. If your Chrome is running with the latest updates, then you can reorder your Chrome tabs by simply using the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above.

Why can’t I use reorder tabs option in Chrome?

In order to use the tab reordering feature properly, you must update your Chrome browser to build 102 or higher. Furthermore, some keyboard layouts may require that you use the function key along with the shortcut to make it work. If the problem still persists, it is advised to remove any conflicting extensions that are related to tabs from your Chrome browser.

Do I still need extensions to reorder tabs in Chrome using a keyboard shortcut?

No, you won’t need any extensions to reorder tabs in Chrome now. The tabs reorder feature comes built-in with the latest version of Chrome and can be used independently without the need for any third-party tools or extensions. 

Many power users prefer keyboard shortcuts over mouse clicks, and this new feature is already getting so much love and appreciation from them. The tab reordering feature will make it easier to navigate through multiple Chrome tabs and would save a lot of their time.

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