How to Move Accessibility Button on iOS 16

iOS 16 brings new ways you can interact with your iPhone including Depth Effect, Lock screen widgets, Notifications layout, Undo Send on Messages, Haptic Keyboard, and more. Along with new features, a new software update can also bring with a handful of issues that weren’t previously present on your iPhone. 

Since the public release of iOS 16, several users have reported issues with the Accessibility Button (AssistiveTouch) on their iPhones. The issue many have been facing concerns the AssistiveTouch or Accessibility button which fails to move around the screen and is stuck at a permanent location on users’ iPhones. 

If you’re someone who’s facing this issue, there’s, fortunately, a fix that can help you resolve it so that you can freely move around the Accessibility button wherever you wish to. In this post, we’ll help you fix this AssistiveTouch or Accessibility button issue. 

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How to fix the Accessibility Button not moving on iPhone on iOS 16

When you have the AssistiveTouch or Accessibility button enabled, this button can be repositioned to any edges or corners of your iPhone by default. If for some reason, you’re unable to move this button after updating your iPhone to iOS 16, you can follow the instructions below to make it work again.  

To fix the AssistiveTouch or Accessibility button to move again, open the Settings app on your iPhone. 

Inside Settings, select Accessibility

On the next screen, tap on Touch under “Physical And Motor”. 

Here, select AssistiveTouch

On this screen, turn off the AssistiveTouch toggle and wait for the AssistiveTouch or Accessibility button to disappear. 

Now, turn on the AssistiveTouch toggle again to enable it. 

The AssistiveTouch/Accessibility button should now reappear on your screen and you will now be able to move it around freely as before.

If you have configured the AssistiveTouch button to be available with a triple-click of the Side button, you don’t have to go through the above steps. You can simply press the Side Button thrice to access the Accessibility Shortcuts menu on the screen. From here, you can disable AssistiveTouch and then re-enable it to solve your problem. 

That’s all you need to know about fixing the AssistiveTouch or Accessibility button not moving issue on iOS 16. 

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