How To Get Relentless Medal in Cod Mobile: Tips to Use

COD mobile has been a popular PvP shooter for mobile devices since its release. Activision has spent a lot of time and resources introducing new mechanics and elements to the game to compete with the likes of PUBG and Modern Combat. This gamble seems to have paid off quite well especially since PUBG was banned in many different countries around the world.

To keep up with the demand, COD mobile uses a Season based story structure to keep introducing new guns, maps, and game modes to the game. The latest season comes with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Among these challenge rewards is the much sought-after ‘Relentless medal’. If you too have been looking to get this new medal, then here is all you need to know about it. 

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What is the relentless medal?

The relentless medal is one of the rewards for this season’s unique challenges. Completing the relevant challenge awards you with this unique metal which will then impact your overall profile and rank in matchmaking on COD mobile. In total, COD mobile has 86 different medals that can be won by completing unique challenges. The ‘Relentless medal’ comes as a part of multiplayer challenges and can be won by completing the ‘Kill Streak’ challenge. 

How to get the relentless medal

The relentless medal can be won by killing 20 players in a single streak without dying once. You can check for this challenge under the ‘Events’ section in COD mobile. This challenge is valid only during multiplayer matches which includes game modes like Frontline, Team Death Match, Kill Confirmed, Gun Fight, and more. The challenge can be completed in either the ranked mode or the unranked modes. We recommend you try to complete this challenge in the unranked mode as you won’t risk losing your current multiplayer rank in COD mobile. 

If you are aware of bot lobbies, then you will stand a better chance at winning and completing this challenge in bot lobbies. Identifying and entering bot lobbies can sometimes be difficult which can be solved by being a part of the clan and entering lobbies as a group of players. You can check out our top tips below to help you complete this challenge at the earliest. 

Tips for getting the relentless medal

Here are some tips to help you survive and get a 20 kill streak during multiplayer matches in COD mobile. 

  • Jump: Jumping while being shot at, is a veteran PvP technique that helps you avoid excessive damage. This comes in more handy on mobile games where everybody is using a touchscreen which makes it much harder to aim at a moving target. Jumping around will help you cover more ground and avoid getting killed to maintain your killstreak. 
  • Upgrade your weapon: Make sure you are carrying a weapon that deals maximum damage. If you can, we recommend taking a shotgun that can help you get kills with a single shot at close range. This can come in handy during close-quarter combat matches in maps like ‘The cage’, Crash, Killhouse, and more. 
  • Hide: There is no shame in hiding for around until your health is back up to full. This will help you maintain your kill streak without risking you have to do it all over again. 
  • Scorestreaks and Operator Skills: This is the best tip for you. Make sure you are equipped with the maximum damage dealing scorestreaks and operator skills to help you along with your task. We recommend taking the equalizer, purifier, or tempest to get the maximum kills without high load times. Additionally, in terms of scorestreaks, we recommend equipping Goliath, predator missiles, and sentry guns. They will help you survive longer, get multiple kills at once and the sentry gun will help increase your kill count without you having to operate it manually.  

We hope this guide helped you learn everything you needed to know about the relentless medal in COD mobile. If you face any issues or have any suggestions for us, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below. 

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