How to Disable Lock Screen Widgets on Android 4.2

If you use any one of the Nexus devices which were blessed with Android 4.2 by Google last week, you would be proudly showing off all those fancy features that Android 4.2 brings along to your friends with non-Nexii who are probably still stuck at Android 4.1 or worse, Android 4.0 or older versions, and probably will be for quite some time.

While there are a lot of good things about Android 4.2, the same can’t necessarily be said about the new lockscreen widgets. Besides the fact that a lot of people feel it is just plain bland, there are also apprehension about security issues, considering widget data can be viewed by anyone who wakes the phone. Additionally, it is possible to activate the camera app right from the lockscreen by swiping from right to left, which means that pictures can be taken even if the device itself is locked.

Not to mention the fact that there are zillions of widgets that can be added to the lockscreen, and some of these can easily give up personal data to anyone who happens to wake the device, intentionally or otherwise. And how could we forget the irritating glowing rectangle animations at the edges of the screen when the device is woken up.

A new app released on the Google Play Store, called Lockscreen Policy, developed by Chislon Chow lets you disable all of these undesirable elements from the lockscreen, leaving just the clock widget active. And that too, only because it is not possible to chane that at the moment. So if you’re one of those who isn’t quite kicked with the new Lockscreen widgets behavior in Android 4.2, you should give Lockscreen Policy a whirl, by hitting the download button below.

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