[Hot Deal] Unlocked LG V20 is currently going for just $370 at eBay

LG V20

A couple of days ago, we told you about a decent deal on the LG G6 on eBay and today, there’s another deal. But, this time around, it is the LG V20 that is available at a discounted price.

eBay has listed the unlocked 64GB LG V20 at $369.99. Which means you’ll save up to $480 since the smartphone was originally launched with a price tag of $849.99. Now that’s a stellar deal, one you can’t miss.

But again, there have been numerous deals on the recently unveiled LG G6 or even the Samsung Galaxy S8 for that matter. It makes more sense to get one of these new handsets than purchasing a year-old handset.

LG V20

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Besides, the LG V30’s launch is only a couple of months away. And based on what rumors have been suggesting, the LG V30 could be a very powerful phone. Of course, you won’t get it at such discounted prices right away. It’s your call now.

In case you are still interested in getting the LG V20 find the purchase link for the same below.

Purchase LG V20 from eBay

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