Honor V9 (Honor 8 Pro) receives various updates that add Face Unlock, Pick up to wake up phone and more

Fresh from rolling out the latest Android security patches to a myriad of phones ranging from Huawei P9 to Honor 8, the company is also rolling out multiple updated to the Honor V9, which is also known as Honor 8 Pro in markets outside China.

The latest updates are targeting different model numbers of the Honor V9 and while some changes are universal, some are quite different, as shown below.

Honor V9 DUK-L09 and DUK-AL20 changelog

  • Optimizes the screen display for a more comfortable viewing experience
  • Improves system stability for smoother operations
  • Optimizes the touchscreen sensitivity on some screens
  • Optimizes the fingerprint navigation performance
  • Fixes an issue where the screen would occasionally flicker when unlocking it with a fingerprint immediately after locking it with a power button.honor v9 oreo update

This update installs build number B130 and B131 on the DUK-L09 and DUK-AL20 variants, respectively.

Honor V9 DUK-AL20 changelog

  • Optimizes power consumption for extended use.
  • Improves system stability
  • Optimizes the response speed when viewing WeChat messages using WLAN.
  • Enables the feature to add Honor watermarks by default.
  • Fixes an issue where sliding to answer calls would occasionally not work.

If you are using the Honor V9 with model number DUK-AL20, this update further bumps up the build number to B160.

Honor V9 DUK-340 changelog

  • Adds the Face Unlock feature in Settings > Security & privacy > Face Unlock.
  • Adds smart lock screen notifications feature in Settings > Security & privacy > Face Unlock > Smart lock screen notifications.
  • Adds a feature to wake up your phone each time you pick it up.
  • Optimizes power consumption of several background apps for extended battery life.
  • Installs March 2018 Android security patches.

As usual, these updates are rolling out over the air and hence will take time before all units get them. But if your Honor V9 or Honor 8 Pro has any of the mentioned model numbers, feel free to try a manual update via the Settings menu.

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