How to take a screenshot on Honor 9 Lite

Honor 9 Lite screenshot

If you’ve already purchased the Honor 9 Lite, you are without a doubt looking at one of the best devices in the class.

The Honor 9 Lite comes with just about everything you’d expect to find in a phone priced as much as three times its RRP (read our review), but not so many can believe this until they actually get it from the shelves. Other than the usual stuff, there are also some nifty tricks you can find on the phone – tricks that are not so easy to come by, unless you have an Honor device before.

Let’s talk about one of them:

How to take a screenshot on the Honor 9 Lite

Honor 9 lite buttons

The usual way of taking a screenshot is pretty simple. This involves simultaneously pressing the Volume down and Power buttons, but there’s an even better way of doing it on the Honor 9 Lite.

At times, it’s easy to end up turning the screen off or lowering the volume when trying to hit the two buttons at the same time to capture a screenshot. However, with this trick, you can easily capture a screenshot on the Honor 9 Lite without any major discomforts.

You can simply use the notification toggle for this: Pull down the notification bar two times, and you would see a lot of toggles to change specific settings. Like for WiFi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, etc. There you also have a toggle to capture the screenshot. So, on the screen which you need to capture, simply pull the notification bar and click on the Screenshot toggle to take the screenshot.

There was another trick to take a screenshot: knuckle. Yes, in the previous versions of EMUI, you could knuckle two times and the device would take a screenshot. But not anymore, it’s been removed from EMUI 5.1 and 8.0, meaning it was available only on EMUI 5.0 (or older perhaps).

Another cool trick to take a screenshot: Ask Google Assistant to do that. Yes, Google assistant can do that. Just set up Google Assistant and then say: Okay Google, take a screenshot. And that would be it.

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  1. You can also swipe down with 3 fingers. Settings > Smart Assistance > Motion Control > Three-finger screenshot

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