GTS Meaning in Snapchat, Use Cases, Similar Terms, and More

GTS, GTG, TTYL, LOL, and the other acronyms that have populated our conversations much before the advent of Social Media platforms. They continue to thrive and have become fairly normalized in this day and age. You may have definitely seen many of these acronyms across the big four, i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat sprinkled in different types of content very organically.

So there is no denying the need to know them at this point in time. Of course, you can always choose to fake it and pretend that you know the reference, or you decided to GTS and figure out what it means, inadvertently stumbling upon this article. 

So here are all the connotations and acronyms for GTS that you will find helpful in your future conversations.  

What does GTS mean in Snapchat?

While GTS is not up there with the rest of the acronym bigwigs, it does get thrown in once in a while and there are contexts to the acronym depending on which version of it is being used. On Snapchat, GTS can mean any of the following: 

Good Times 

One can assume that the S in the acronym GTS is meant to pluralize the ‘Times’ in Good Times. Whenever you see a picturesque Snap or a situational one, you can assume the reference is most like for Good Times when GTS is used in the post. So if you see a Snap or a text saying GTS, you can frame your reply in acknowledgment of the good times. 

What does GTS mean in Text speak?

It’s been a hot minute since humans transitioned to Social Media platforms but the acronym saga began with the advent of the classic keyboard and texting. There came a need to create acronyms for terms that otherwise took a nightmarishly long time to text when your keyboard was this: 

Now that we have touch screens, the only legacy of the old times are acronyms that continue to evolve and improve over time, even our dictionaries consider them legit.

So while the medium we use to text has evolved drastically, acronyms continue to be a preferred shortcut that we can use. In Text speak, GTS can mean any of the following. 

Go To Sleep

Go To Sleep is the original GTS far as old-schoolers who have been using cell-phones are concerned. It used to be and continues to be used in text conversations. Whenever someone types GTS, they are prompting for the other person to end the conversation and go to sleep; or are referring to themself in action and use it as a verb.  

Goodnight, Take Care, Sweet Dreams 

Depending on the person you are texting, this could convert into an acronym that usually goes: GN, TC, and SD, or when one is not in the mood, GTS. Of course, the connotation of Go To Sleep and the GTS in this reference more or less implies the same thing, that the person wants to end the conversation and retire for the day.

Depending on who is on the other side, like your mom or boyfriend, they could be using GTS as short for GN, TC, and SD.  

Google That Sh*t

This rendition of the acronym has seriously picked up over time and you will immediately recognize that the user means GTS in the Google That Sh*t context from their sentence/content. Whenever someone wants to understand/know/confirm something, they usually say that they’ve got to ‘GTS’ that. This version of the acronym is entirely unrelated to sleep or rest. 

Use Cases of GTS 

On Snapchat, Good Times is a lens that applies a cool filter to the picture you want to upload. There is a variety of Good Times lenses available and you can apply them to create a cool Snap.

You can also send GTS on Snapchat messages to other users in simple text form. On the other hand, When used to imply Go To Sleep as an action, you can use it in text form by typing it on your picture or sending it in text form.

Here are some examples from Twitter and Instagram in which the acronym is used in a variety of ways. These examples are relevant regardless of the platform on which they are used. 

Good Times examples

Go To Sleep examples

Google That Sh*t

GTS in Pop-culture 

There will be times when you will come across a post with a GTS reference that has nothing to do with the acronyms themselves. In such situations, it could mean/reference the following: 

GTS cars 

This particular phenomenon is notorious on Instagram. GT sports cars are a brag point and there are thousands of posts about different GT cars that you will come across. The GTS in this context refers to sports cars so don’t confuse it with the other acronym.  

Machine Gun Kelly’s GTS

This song’s acronym refers to ‘Going Through Sh*T’ and is another acronym that gets thrown around on the internet. When you see a post about Machine Gun Kelly with the GTS acronym, do remember that it has to do with the song and not the other acronyms mentioned above. 

Guess That Song 

There are popular shows and quizzes that use the Guess That Song as a literal Call To Action. The way to tell when GTS represents Guess The Song is by checking whether there is a song playing along with a question mark or clue in the content. 

GTS in Pokémon

Global Trading System or GTS was a popular platform on the Generation IV version of the game where players could trade Pokémon. We don’t reckon you will see the acronym in this particular reference unless you belong to the Pokémon fandom. 

Grims Toy Show

If you follow sillySUPERPOP on Youtube, then you need to keep in mind that GTS is also an acronym for the fun wrestling show on it called Grims Toy Show. Again, this acronym is not very popular, however, if you follow this channel, then it’s likely that you will come across this acronym in reference to the show.  

We’ve GTG now but we do hope that you found this article helpful. Do let us know in the comments if you have any queries. Take care and stay safe. 

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