Google’s Play Pass Promo video features these apps and games

Only days after the announcement of Apple Arcade, Google officially unveiled its ‘Arcade-killer’ subscription-based games and apps service called the Google Play Pass. As we all know, Play Pass had been in development for a while but couldn’t beat Apple’s product to the punch. However, despite coming out second best in the unveiling race, Play Pass packs enough ammunition to turn the table in the ultimate marathon.

With around 350 games and apps, Play Pass has a much bigger library than Arcade. The games aren’t exclusive as they are on Arcade, but that only pushes the horizon of multiplayer gaming.

With so many options to choose from, picking the recommended games/apps can feel a bit tedious. So, in order to make your precious $4.99 count — $1.99 if you subscribe before October 10th — we have curated a list of apps and games that featured in the Play Pass announcement video, hoping they are good enough to book a place in your app drawer as well.

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Name — Price Category
Monument Valley 2 — $4.99 Puzzle
Stardew Valley — $7.99 Role-Playing
Old Man’s Journey — $4.99 Adventure
Toca Nature — $3.99 Education
Limbo — $4.99 Adventure
Terraria — $4.99 Adventure
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic — $9.99 Role-Playing
Reigns: Game of Thrones — $3.99 Card
Titan Quest — $7.99 Action
Bridge Constructor Portal — $4.99 Puzzle
Wayward Souls — $6.99 Adventure
The Bug Butcher — $1.99 Arcade
Lumino City — $4.99 Adventure
Thomas & Friends: Race On! — Free Casual
Sago Mini Pet Cafe — $3.99 Pretend-Play
Evoland — $4.99 Role-playing
Chameleon Run — $1.99 Arcade
Suzy Cube — $3.99 Adventure


Name Category
Photo Studio Pro — $7.99 Photography
ISS HD Live: View Earth Live — $0.99 Education
CamToPlan — $9.99 Business
Slow Motion Video FX — Free Photography

Which apps and games are you buying the Play Pass subscription for?

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