Google Pixel phones now provide more accurate remaining battery life

pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl

Google is rolling out a new feature to the Pixel smartphones that will provide better battery life estimates. Up until now, remaining battery life estimates on the device were based on simple math and assumptions.

Suppose your device used 20 percent of battery in an hour, then the software would take that as an average and tell you how much battery life is left based on that number. However, that can be very irregular, as you might use your phone for gaming in the next hour and that will use much more battery.

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Moving forward, a new on-device model has been incorporated that will learn your phone’s battery usage over a period of time. The phone will then estimate a more accurate battery estimate by looking at the usage. Basically, your phone will now know how much battery will be used for more demanding tasks such as gaming, and watching HD videos, etc.

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An useful feature then, don’t you think? This information will still be found in the Battery section of the Settings app on your Pixel phones. The estimates for how long your phone will last would be better personalized for your usage. You can also tap on the battery icon to get a better look at the remaining time in a graph. A small update to be honest, but it will help users to know how much battery their phone uses.

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